"I would get my money back, I swear!"

This was the statement that changed it all for mePeople avoid anything that has to do with marketing, because of the likely stress that may be attached to it.And they are right, marketing isn't easy! Especially if you are starting out on your own.There's no physical stress tho, but it requires dedicationAlso, 99% of all great men and women became successful because of their knowledge of marketingThey sold out either their knowledge, skills or services and got wealth and riches in return.But here's a question to ponder on👇🤔


Sometime last year around June, I was working as a waiter who earned N35,000 monthly at a big restaurant in Delta State .After spending money on transport, food, textbooks and handouts, plus a little bit of family (being the first son)...I realized that I was actually working myself out for nothing every month.Most times, I incur debts through the monthI settle my debts with my salary once I'm paid and go back to square one, becoming more eligible to incurring yet another debt..🤦🏻♂️

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Fast forward to 5 moths later, I'm making over 100k every week

Take it from me; A poor church rat who was eating from hand to mouth"Moving from poverty to affluence is the hardest thing on earth to do"It started when I got tired of being a steady debtorI didn't even want much; I only wanted to be able to afford my needs throughout the monthWithout having to borrow from anyoneI needed something genuine. I had already lost so much to crypto and other businessesThen I heard of a way in which I could sell other people's products and make moneyWithout even buying the products. This was to be achieved using my phoneI also understood that it was a century old business model called affiliate marketingAnd I was to buy a course known as the 72 hour income generator program to learn how to do affiliate marketingI registered for the 72IG course through a guy who promised to coach me. But he didn't.I wasn't making money at all. And I got so frustrated. But I couldn't give up because I borrowed the money I used to registerYes oh. I borrowed again🙂

So I said this to myself"I would get my money back I swear"This was the statement that turned my life aroundI put in every effort and focus to learn the 72IG course. All I wanted was to make just my capital backThen, i discovered a very big SECRET which these top Affiliate marketers use to make their money,This is why they can openly come online and brag about making 6-7 figures a month...Most of them won't tell you their main secret, but will just give you the basics..But as a selfless researcher and Digital marketing expert, I am going to let you in on everything I found out,and how you can also start making this 7 figures using just your mobile phone.Note: It doesn't matter if you're a student, youth corper, nursing mom, 9-5 worker etc.This opportunity is opened for everyone who needs it.All you need to do is click on the link below to contact me on WhatsApp,and I'll share with you all the secret I found out about and how you can also start.There are only 70 slots available as I can only nurture a few interested persons.Thank you.

Here are some questions I would be clearing up in this free introductory class

  • What Exactly Is affiliate marketing

  • Different free platforms to affiliate for

  • How you earn commissions

  • How to register for the 72IG program

  • What you need to start

  • How to know if its for you

  • Other high income online businesses to earn Passive income

Here are just a few results from ordinary real life people who attended this class in the past

I'll also be showing you even more results from my students and how you too could achieve such resultsNow, I make over 100k weekly, and I've been blessed to carry several people alongAnd yes as you would have already guessed, I quit my job long ago.The Class is filling Up fast! Join Now

    Jones Nwaonuma

    Internet Marketer || Business Coach

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